Add a Brain
to Your Campaign

Cerebro is a revolutionary tool to purchase digital outdoor media.
Our platform automatically matches the right advertisement
according to the demographic characteristics of the people
in front of the screen in real-time

Be Smart. Add A Brain To Your Campaign

Having the best ad at the best location is not enough if you’re not reaching the right audience. CEREBRO applies cutting-edge technology, to gather real-time data from various data sources, including high-end sensors with demographic recognition capabilities to make sure you will reach your right audience and spend your budgets wisely

Cerebro RTB Marketplace

Advanced RTB platform that empowers you to connect to digital buyers with a real-time programmatic solution. In addition, we offer a direct route that shortens your direct sales cycle and enables you to sell more inventory

Cerebro Face Detection Technology

Cerebro outdoor technology allows advertisers to engage with their audience by matching the right ad according to the demographic characteristics of the audience in-front of the sign in real-time, using facial detection technology



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