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Programmatic buying

Cerebro introduces the innovative and foremost Digital-Out-Of-Home platform that allows you to target your audience in real-time and display the most suitable ad. Cerebro platform enables you to connect with digital buyers and sell more inventory with a real-time programmatic solution designed specifically for the DOOH eco-system. With the programmatic features offered by Cerebro, it is easy to get your message out there, at the right time and to the right audience.

Setup daily budgets

Setup criteria to serve content
to the right audience

Setup dynamic pricing according
to time of day, location etc.

Use automated content optimization

View Real Time detailed reports
for campaign monitoring

Shorten your
sales cycle


Shorten your sales cycle and close more deals with real-time access to available inventory and the ability to generate proposals on the fly. With Cerebro, you will gain access to a vast inventory of DOOH units spread over prime locations at a click of a button. We did the footwork for you, Cerebro platform saves the efforts of your sales team searching the right location. You can find prime locations just by scanning our maps that show all the details you need. If you need any help, our local teams will assist you every step of the way.


Decision making with rapidity and intelligence using powerful technology combined with advanced decision making. Cerebro platform is designed with your ROI in mind. We offer you advanced optimization tools such as ‘Smart Bid’ that automatically adjust your bids throughout the day based on accumulative data or Suggested Bid feature that makes your decision making easier based on past results. We empower you to select any time slot through the day and provide you the flexibility you need to reach the full potential of your budget.  


Cerebro is dedicated to help brands to effectively launch adverts. That’s why we came up with the varying screen formats. Different brands may need different screen formats for their advertising needs, and at Cerebro, all those needs are taken care of. Cerebro supports every native format: from images, videos to Flash and lots more. Cerebro understands different brands may want to work with the different native formats, and that’s why it goes ahead to support both live content and HTML5.


At Cerebro, we are dedicated to satisfying whatever need you may have, and that’s why we have built a multi-environment ad platform that is easy to use and has self-service capabilities. With the user in mind, brands and media agencies are given the opportunity to control their campaigns while using the numerous advance tools developed by Cerebro’s DOOH experts. Cerebro platform allows you to manage and control your global DOOH operations from a single dashboard.

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