Cerebro Technology

OutdOor Technology

The world of advertising has made incredible progress thanks to the digitalization of something as simple as the billboards in shopping malls, airports, train stations and more. Cerebro outdoor technology allows advertisers to engage with their audience by matching the right ad according to the demographic characteristics of the audience in-front of the sign in real-time, using facial detection technology

Real-time demographic analysis:

Cerebro is designed to allow brands to understand how the target audience were engaged by an ad, and how long it took before they went off. With Cerebro, brands can obtain crucial demographic data like age, as well as gender. Identifying features can also be noticed like mustaches, beards, as well as eyeglasses. The data gotten can be used by brands to tailor their content or message to earn results.

Vehicle Detection & Analysis

Cerebro’s vehicle detection technology is able to analyze vehicles from both static and moving positions. We are able to specify the maker, model, year and color of over 800 different models.

Data Fusion

Cerebro validates its analysis by cross checking numerous data sources
and verifying their authenticity in real-time. Such as:

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